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2022-2023 Academic Year

Class Sizes

The average class size at La Salette is about 20 students. This gives the students an intimate atmosphere in which they can have every question answered and never feel overlooked. It is important for us that the teacher can know well each student so as to be able to approach each one with the needed care and respect and therefore bring about the best in each student.


La Salette Academy takes great pride in the selection of teachers dedicated to the education and formation of the students under her care. We strive to create an atmosphere where teaching is not just a job but a life consecrated to spriritual, intellectual and moral building of a complete man.

Our teachers dedicate special hours every day after school to any student needing assistance in their studies. 


Every class at La Salette has a dedicated teacher who serves as their class adviser during their four years at the Academy. Throughout the year, he will be available to discuss their future post graduation and the most efficient way to prepare for that future. The class adviser will also help prepare the students under his care for all standardized tests and college preparation and application work.

Diploma Requirements

Should a member of the senior class receive a failing grade during one or both semesters in any given course, the student shall receive credit for the course, if and only if, the grade average for both semesters, equally weighted, is greater than or equal to 65%.  Should the grade average for the entire course be below 65%, the student may “graduate” with his class, but shall not receive a high school diploma or final transcript from the Academy.


Come on! Feel free to ask about the school, the life or even to stop by for a visit. It could just be the opportunity of a lifetime!


Do you want to become a Lion? Are you ready to join the brotherhood? Start the application process by visiting our Admissions Office site and completing the inquiry form.


Our success is due to the community of generous individuals who understand the importance of our work. By your support you can help us change lives.

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