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Contra Hostes Tuos 

The liturgy plays an irreplaceable, integral part in the life of every La Salette student. Liturgical prayer permeates their daily schedule. Daily Mass attendance nourishes a love of the liturgy and its seasons. Vespers is prayed every Sunday, and the evening prayer of the Church, Compline, becomes their own. On major feasts, La Salette often celebrates solemn high Masses, including the Sacred Triduum of Holy Week. This liturgical life has given many La Salette graduates the pursuit of priestly and religious vocations. 

Into the Year...

La Salette's school year begins during the last weeks of the Pentecost season. Scarcely a week after the Opening Ceremony, we celebrate the feast of our patroness, Our Lady of La Salette, on September 19th. In October, the Academy also attends the annual pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows in Starkenburg, Missouri.  

Into the Year

Advent & Christmas

The season of Advent prepares for the feast of Christmas, celebrating the birth of Jesus. Although the students enjoy a three-week Christmas break, they return to campus in time to celebrate the feasts of the Epiphany and the Purification.




Shortly after Christmastide comes the penitential season of Lent, which prepares us for the Resurrection of Our Lord. This season still includes the feasts of the Annunciation and St. Joseph, and ends with Holy Week.

Holy Week

Holy Week

Holy week is an austere and sorrowful commemoration of Our Lord's death, ending with the Sacred Triduum and the Easter Vigil. The morning offices of Tenebrae are sung during the Sacred Triduum including once at 3 am. This sacred week of the year is the final preparation for the joy of Paschal time.

Pentacost and Corpus Christi

The final stretch of the academic year falls during the Paschal season which closes with the feast of Pentecost celebrating the birth of the Church. Fields are blessed during the Rogation Days which precede the feast of the Ascension. Finally, the academic year finishes with the baccalaureate Mass and graduation in early June.