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La Salette Academy

Notre Dame de La Salette Boys Academy is a traditional Catholic boarding school founded in 2005 by the Society of St. Pius X.

Located in the farmland of east central Illinois, La Salette Academy provides a strong religious, academic, and physical formation in an immersively Catholic environment.  Despite the school’s limited enrollment of under 100 students for optimum class size, 

La Salette’s quality facilities and sports programs rival that of much larger schools.

La Salette Academy

Alma Mater Hymn

O Alma Mater, hail to thee

We sing with love and pride

In gratitude and loyalty 

To our true honored guide.

Your teaching is a brilliant light

Shining bright and strong

Leading us through the ignorant night of this world of wrong.

You form us with a burning fire

Of discipline and love

Rousing in us great desire to fight for God above.

La Salette, O Mother true

Be our guiding light

Keep us strong in all we do

Hail the Blue and White.

Strengthen our souls for the coming storm 

Of raging battle and war

And as our duty we perform let loose the Lion's roar.

Let live the emblem of your might

May never your wisdom die

Keep your true sons in your sight 'till life has passed us by.

La Salette, O Mother true

Be our guiding light

Keep us strong in all we do

Hail the Blue and White.



Our History

La Salette Academy was founded by Rev. Fr. Michael McMahon in the fall of 2005. Fr. McMahon ​was acting on behalf of the Society of St. Pius X, an international priestly society of the Roman Catholic Church. His intention was to found a school in order "to form men who seek virtue, both supernatural and natural, who seek to do God’s will in all things, rejecting human respect and the world’s sensual call to selfishness, vainglory and pride; to serve and not to be served." 

Our Academics

  • La Salette Academy offers a wide range of courses in religion, philosophy, mathematics, literature, science, history, social doctrine, art and Latin and Greek.​

  • Classes are held from Monday to Friday beginning at 9am and ending at 3pm. Saturday mornings are dedicated to more intensive studying.

  • The average class size is about 17 students.

  • Class advisors are available every day to help the students with both their studies and the decision of their future career.

Our Teachers

  • Faculty number: 10

  • Our faculty is made up of all male teachers who come from various educational backgrounds and hold degrees from universities including  Yale University, University of Oxford, Princeton University, University of Notre Dame and the United States Naval Academy. 

Our Students

  • Total Student Body: 93

  • Grades: 8th Grade to 12th Grade

  • Number of Countries Represented: 5

  • All students board on campus. 

  • Students have 4 major breaks: Fall Break, Christmas Break, Easter Break and Summer Break

Our Athletics

  • Number of Major Sport Programs: 4 - Cross Country, Basketball, Chess and Rugby

  • Every sports has both Junior Varsity and Varsity Teams

  • Our Rugby team has been a Top 15 ranked team in the nation for the last 12 years including placing 2nd in the 2008 Nationals Tournament

  • Our programs have resulted in over 30 All State and All Area Rugby and Basketball players.

Our Campus

  • Our campus in located in Olivet, Illinois which is about 50 miles east of Champaign, Illinois and 2 hours south of Chicago.

  • The campus is made up of 5 stunning brick buildings situated on 31 acres.

  • The sports program boasts a historically significant brick basketball gym and state of the art rugby fields.


Come on! Feel free to ask about the school, the life or even to stop by for a visit. It could just be the opportunity of a lifetime!


Do you want to become a Lion? Are you ready to join the brotherhood? All that's left is to apply by filling out our application materials here.

Our success is due to the community of generous individuals who understand the importance of our work. By your support you can help us change lives.

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5065 Olivet Road Georgetown, Illinois 61846         (217) 662-2127