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While history is not technically one of the liberal arts, it is a discipline that provides a necessary context in order to facilitate a true comprehension of the arts, sciences, and the Catholic religion itself.  History at La Salette is examined from a Catholic standpoint, and thus has three cardinal ends:  confirmation of the lamentable effects of Original Sin upon human civilization; the demonstration of God’s infinite mercy as evident in the unmistakable signs of Providence in the course of history up to Christ’s salvific mission at Calvary; and a real comprehension of the indissoluble relationship between human, political, and economic order and the Supreme Kingship of Our Lord.  In the study of ancient history during the freshman year, the students explore at great length the strife and chaos of the pre-Calvary world, noting, nevertheless, the sure workings of Divine Providence in the preparation and development of mankind and the social order for the coming of the New Adam.  During their sophomore year students study the growth of Christendom in Europe, which increasingly recognized and submitted to both the Spiritual and Temporal Kingships of Our Lord, climaxing in its development around the 13th century A.D.  The junior year focuses on the decline of Christendom including the Renaissance, the Protestant Revolution, and the ever-widening chasm between the operations of secular society and the Mystical Body of Christ.  In the senior year, the examination of the growth of modernity and apostasy begins with the American and French Revolutions and continues into the bloody twentieth century.


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