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Cross-Country Success


  Cross country is a sport that some people deem as unimportant or not even a sport at all. La Salette gives her students cross country because she sees it as a means to develop selfless commitment, unheeding discipline, and fiery competitiveness. Under these principles, the Lions have been having a strong 2022 season. With Mr. Jason Lanthier and Mr. Jacob Fisher as the coaches and Sophomore, John Brauner, as the captain, the team is one of the fastest groups in La Salette history. Training daily, the team is attempting to achieve what the Lions have not been able to in the past.  Since the school recently joined the IHSA, the team competed in Regionals, Sectionals, and State for the second time. With only one senior, the future is looking promising for this young team. The runners are training hard and the school is expecting much.



Paris 9/15-First Place
North Vermillion 9/20-First Place
St. Jo-Ogden 9/24-Eleventh Place
Chrisman 9/27-First Place
Oakwood 9/31-Second Place
West Vigo 10/3-First Place
Effingham 10/15-First Place
Regionals 10/22-First Place
Sectionals 10/29-Sixth Place
State11/5-Twenty Seventh Place



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