2021 Rugby


The First of Few

Preparations for the much anticipated rugby season of 2021 began in late September, 2020. The daily practices directed by head coach Sean Fitzpatrick, class of 2017, were geared specifically toward success. Each player tried to prove that he was worthy to wear the rugby jersey of a La Salette Lion. The team looked to live up to the illustrious history of La Salette rugby. As game day approached, the practices increased in intensity, the players grew anxious for action, in fact, the whole school was preparing for the struggle. Finally, the eve of the departure arrived, a day which was to be remembered. That night a rather boisterous pep-rally was held, and now the table was set; all that was needed was the prey: St. Ignatius of Ohio, the lion’s main course for the following day. Unfortunately the game resulted in a loss; however, this was not to be the greatest disappointment. Upon arrival back at campus, the students discovered that the remaining season had been canceled through the Illinois Rugby Association, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Saint Ignatius  (0-39 L)

Saint Martin's (24-17 W) 


The Varsity Roster

  1. Brendan Martonik (Captain)

  2. Luke Dean

  3. Salvador Broussard

  4. William Dvorak

  5. Xavier Ryan

  6. Francis Shea

  7. Max Babic

  8. Mark Shea

  9. John Gagnon

  10. Joseph De Artola

  11. Jacob Henry

  12. Dominic Dvorak

  13. James Peterson

  14. Joseph Martin

  15. Henry Kracht


What is 7's Rugby?

Due to Covid-19 the rugby season has been canceled, but that does not keep the Lions from keeping their skills sharpened to the point. To do this they started a intermural tournament consisting of four teams. Each team plays each other to test their strength. 7's rugby is not much different from normal 15's, the only difference is the style of playing and the number of players. The Lions use this opportunity to keep prepared for any chances to play an unexpected opponent.