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The History

of the Lions

A Tradition 

in Sports

    Back in 2005, St. Joseph's Boy's Academy migrated to Illinois, and became the school we now know and love: Notre Dame de La Salette. When we moved, we brought with us our favorite sport, Rugby. Over the years La Salette has experienced many different sports: soccer, softball etc., but Rugby is one of the only ones that truly stuck, because it teaches the qualities of a true athlete: sportsmanship, respect, and a sense of unity with your team. Here are the famed games, tournaments, and players that have engrained this sport into the La Salette Legacy.  

2006- 3rd in Midwest Championship, and Second in the Nation at the                National Championship. 

2007- After taking third place in the Regionals, we went on to the                      National Championship and won Second in the Nation.

2008- We managed to keep our status of Second in the Nation.

2009- We were stopped in Final Four competing for best in the State.

2010- We were defeated before even getting to the Final Four.

2011-2013- We again only reached Final Four in the State.

2014- We broke our Final Four curse and brought home Fifth in the                  Nation.

2016- We ranked Second in the Midwest.

2017- We ranked Second in the State.

Rugby Captains over the  Years

2006-James Carlisle

2007-Jude DeTar

2008-Eric Populus

2009-Joseph Dolan

2010-John Shiltz

2011-Nicholas Jemison

2012-Blaise Flanery

2013-Nicholas Kracht

2014-Gerard Kleinsmith

2015-Aldo Cruz

2016-Joseph Brauner

2017-Jacob McDonough

2018-Declan Prather

2019-Thomas Peterson

2020-Nicholas Halligan

2021-Brendan Martonik
2022-Mark Shea

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