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The History

of the Lions

A Tradition 

in Sports

Within the very core of the formation of Catholic men stands essential principals of unrelenting self-mastery, sacrifice, commitment, and perseverance in noble pursuits. Here at Academy this is especially manifested in a tradition that goes back to the very inception of the school: the La Salette rugby program. A tradition carried on from Saint Joseph's Academy in Armada, the rugby legacy continues the formation of the La Salette student each and every day. The sport of rugby, however, penetrates much deeper than the physical discipline and toughness demanded by the sport. On the rugby field these Catholic transcendental concepts become a tangible and visible reality. It is that humility which breeds success on the field: no player is above doing the small things well. A noble character is what will truly lead the team forward. The players learn that an indomitable mindset to embrace the things that are difficult and push through them can and will result in victory. By the very fact that man is a composite creature, the enrichment of both body and soul work together for the formation of the whole. That is why rugby is so essential to the formation of La Salette.

2006- State Final Four. 

2007- 12th in the Nation. Regionals Final Four.

2008- 2nd in the Nation.

2009- Regionals and State Final Four. 

2011- Regionals and State Final Four. 

2012- 8th in the Nation. 2nd in the Region.

2013- State Final Four.

2014- 5th in the Nation. Regionals Final Four.

2016- 2nd in the Region. State Final Four.

2017- 2nd in the State.

2018- 3rd in the State.

2023- 2nd in the State

Rugby Captains Over The  Years

2006-James Carlisle

2007-Jude DeTar

2008-Eric Populus

2009-Joseph Dolan

2010-John Schiltz

2011-Nicholas Jemison

2012-Blaise Flanery

2013-Nicholas Kracht

2014-Gerard Kleinsmith

2015-Aldo Cruz

2016-Joseph Brauner

2017-Jacob McDonough

2018-Declan Prather

2019-Thomas Peterson

2020-Nicholas Halligan

2021-Brendan Martonik
2022-Mark Shea

2023-Peter Dvorak





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