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The Michigan Days

St Joseph's was founded in Armada, Michigan in 1974 as the first SSPX Seminary in the United States. Five years later the seminary was moved to Ridgefield CT, and the property was turned into a convent for the SSPX Sisters. In 1990 due to a lack of catholic schools, Father Novak opened a K-12 grade school which replaced the convent. A few years later in 1994 the school added a boys boarding school. In 2005 with growing classes and the need for a larger facility, Fr. Novak entrusted the search of a new property to Father Michael McMahon. After finding and purchasing the La Salette Father's Seminary in Olivet Illinois, the students and some faculty of St Joseph made the move to Illinois and La Salette Academy was established. 

Photos From the Past

A selection of archival photos taken from St Joseph Academy's yearbooks 

St Joes - Copy.jpg
St Joes81 (2).jpg
St Joes94 (2).jpg
St Joes83 (2).jpg
St Joes33 (2).jpg
St Joes35 (2).jpg
St Joes70 (2).jpg
St Joes64 (2).jpg
St Joes60 (3).jpg
St Joes50 (2).jpg
St Joes58 (2).jpg
St Joes43 (2).jpg
St Joes40 (2).jpg
St Joes29 (2).jpg
St Joes15 (3).jpg
St Joes41 (3).jpg
St Joes51 (2).jpg
St Joes20 (2).jpg
St Joes69 (2).jpg
St Joes30 (3).jpg
St Joes12.jpg
St Joes88 (2).jpg
St Joes42 (2).jpg
St Joes60 (2).jpg
St Joes42 (3).jpg
St Joes41 (2).jpg
St Joes43 (3).jpg
St Joes57 (2).jpg
St Joes16 (2).jpg
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