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Holy Souls Memorial 

We have the honor and privilege to have a cemetery on the Academy campus. It is here that the students come to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Lining the pathway to the statue of the Sacred Heart in the cemetery are hundreds of bricks bearing the names of dearly departed souls. Every time the students enter or pass by the cemetery they can recall the many names found inscribed on the bricks. 

You can have a brick made and inscribed with the names of any souls you wish to have prayed for by the students. A single brick is 4" x 8" and can be made for a $75 dollar fee (anything over $75 will be a donation/tax deductible). All you have to do is click the PDF below and fill out the order form.


Give us your name, email address and the names/years of birth and death of the souls you would like to have prayed for by the students. Then choose the corresponding total of bricks needed and finish by clicking the blue "Donate" button. 

Please note: A maximum of 20 characters are allowed for the name.

If you do not wish to order the brick online, please click on the PDF file below and print out the form and mail it to the Academy office.


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