• La Salette Academy

The Lions Return to Starkenberg

Last weekend, the entire student body made the trip to the annual Starkenberg Pilgrimage near Portland,Missouri. The full pilgrimage is a three day walk along the Katy Trail, an abandoned railroad passageway. The upperclassmen were due to attend the three day hike but due to inclement weather, the organizers cancelled the two day hike and simply kept the final day on Saturday.

However, the seniors still went down a day early and walked their own extra day with Fr. Rigi on Friday and then met up with the whole school on Friday night. Saturday morning was the start of the pilgrimage which saw over 700 people line the trail to make their way to the shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows at Starkenberg, Missouri.

The students appreciated the event especially when knowing that it was in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows, a similar idea to their own Mother of La Salette. La Salette was given the honor of carrying the Fatima Statue for a large portion of the walk which was done by the seniors at the front of the line, right behind the La Salette Color Guard.


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