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Lions Win At Chrisman Meet

La Salette raced in a four team meet on October 1st at the famous Chrisman Cow Chip Classic course which is literally a cow pasture with multiple hills throughout. It is well known throughout the state as a very difficult course and is a must run for any cross country team.

La Salette did not see the best times this race due to the difficulty course and some sore limbs from the last race but still they took the top 7 spots. Once again Captain Nicholas Halligan took first place with a time of 17:19. Here are the top 7 runners and their times:

Nicholas Halligan: 17:19 (1st)

Henry Kracht: 17:36 (2nd)

Thomas Brauner: 18:07 (3rd)

Dominic Dvorak: 18:42 (4th)

Pierre Beauregard: 18:42 (5th)

Christopher Halligan: 19:11 (6th)

Daniel Crouse: 19:31 (7th)

Remaining La Salette Runners:

9 00:19:34.81. John Gagnon

10 00:20:15.62. Greg Mawhinney

11 00:20:23.30. Matthias Schell

12 00:20:33.35. Will Dvorak

13 00:20:37.12. Xavier Ryan

14 00:20:48.67. Pierre Ryan

22 00:22:14.90. Michael McCall

23 00:22:19.77. Vincent Schroeder

24 00:22:31.51. Noah Henry

25 00:22:34.03. Ben Halligan

31 00:27:57.18. Finley Somdahl

The next race is the Oakwood Invitational this coming Saturday at 9 AM.


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