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Lions Archery Debuts with 5th Place Finish

The La Salette Archery team made their debut at the 6th Annual Ullr Classic in Danville, Illinois. Led by Head Coach Joshua Hayes, the first Lions archers placed 5th out of 9 teams. Many of the students have shown real promise and the team is hopeful for the future of the program.

It is a sport that requires great discipline and a love and commitment to the process and methodology of shooting the bow. It is these ideas that drew La Salette to archery and it is with the hope of helping to give the student a chance to practice that discipline and dedication, that the program will be at the school for many years to come.

Below can be seen both the team and the individual results for both the high school and eighth grade divisions.

Team Results

https://nasptournaments.org/TournamentDetail.aspx?tid=5585 https://nasptournaments.org/TournamentDetail.aspx?tid=5585

Indiviual Results https://nasptournaments.org/teamscoresheet.aspx?teamid=196941



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