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La Salette Takes Top Three in Pro-Life Contest

La Salette participated once again in the Pro-Life Essay Contest of the Eastern Illinois area that is hosted every year by the Pro-Life Women's Care Clinic in Danville, Illinois. This year La Salette students took the top 3 spots with senior Daniel Prather placing first, senior Nicholas Andrews taking second and junior Joshua McQuillin taking third place. Here are the three essays:

Daniel Prather, Senior - First Place

Change is a dangerous thing. It is a necessary thing, because without it we could never progress as individuals, as communities, or as a race. Unfortunately, however, not every change means progress. Recently in Illinois, for instance, there were some changes made to the laws regarding abortion. Now in this very state, a human child is not considered alive, and can therefore be legally aborted, until the attending doctor decides that it would survive outside the womb without medical assistance. Even a viable child can now be aborted until the moment of birth if for various reasons it is determined that the health of the mother could be jeopardized in any way by giving birth. These reasons, including “Familial health,” and “Age,” are left purposely vague, so that any number of excuses may be given to legally abort a child days, or even hours before its birth. Perhaps the most disturbing of these new laws is the one that removes the necessity for medical aid to be available in the case that a child is born during an abortion, and could die if not properly cared for. In other words, it is now legal in this state to allow living, breathing human infants to die helpless, with the doctors who could, and have sworn to help them looking on.

These are only a few of the new laws, which now make Illinois the most so called “Progressive” state in America. But is this really progress? How can we call ourselves enlightened, if we can't even protect the most defenseless members of our own race? How can we call our country the Land of the Free, if even the most basic right, the right to life, is not granted to all of our people? It is true, the new laws in the state of Illinois are sickening, but fundamentally, there is no difference between the abortion that has been legally practiced for decades, and what is legal now. The only change is that now more than ever, the act of infanticide is clear and undeniable-and we as a culture are okay with it.

Yes, change is a dangerous thing, but now, in the year 2019, it is our only hope. It is the only hope for the millions of children, too helpless to defend themselves, murdered every year by our own United States. It is the only hope for the growth and betterment of our race. It is the only hope, but it will not be easy. In this state, we have lost much ground, and we have a long way to go, but no matter how far we have fallen, we will always have hope as long as we continue to fight.

Nicholas Andrews, Senior - Second Place


When most people hear that word today, they shrug their shoulders as if it means nothing. To most, it seems, it really does not mean anything. It is simply a part of life that has to be dealt with and then moved past. To others, to us, it is an atrocity indescribable by words. We recognize what abortion is – it is the killing of children, the murdering of babies. It is the destruction of existing human life in order to not burden the parent(s) of the child. This terrible thing is legal and encouraged all throughout the world and there are few who are able to oppose its deathly reign. But we are here now in the midst of one of the hardest-fighting organizations in the world to support the fight against this evil. The Danville Women’s Care Clinic, due to the aggressive spreading of Pro-Choice laws in Illinois, has had a really hard time providing support to those who need it, yet they have persevered and continued the fight for the rights of the unborn.

Their spirit is expressed in the topic this year, “Right to Life: Be Bold for Change.” We must look to them for an example of how this spirit can be carried out. “Right to Life.” This phrase is the core value, you could say, of the WCC. They strive to do everything they can to improve the “Right to Life” by supporting mothers, by counseling pregnant women, and, really, by just counteracting the evil which is abortion. They know that

humans have the right to live no matter what stage of development the human is in. Whether a fetus barely a few cells large or a baby about to be born, they know the value and the dignity of life. If a life exists, it is meant to exist. There is no question about that. It does not matter how that life came about – if it exists, it is meant to exist and we are meant to do all in our power to help support that life. This is what WCC does.

The second part of their topic, ‘Be Bold for Change”, is a more specific idea of their original core value, the “Right to Life”. There are two significant parts to this idea. The first is to “be bold”. Boldness is characterized by a fearlessness to approach danger or difficulty. This is the way that WCC is telling us to help them in their struggle. However, it is not just their struggle. It is ours too, by association of ideas. While they are physically providing care, we can financially help. Whatever we can do, we must do. We must be bold in our fight to free the rights of the unborn. As the saying goes, “there is strength in numbers.” The more of us that take the next step and really do reach out and be bold in our supporting of Pro-Life organizations, the more good will come of it and the easier it will be for others to join us. But there has to be that first step. Who will take it? Will it be you? Will you be bold and stand up for what you know is right?

The second part of the idea is “Change”. Change is a transformation or modification in an object. In our case, the object is the abortion laws passed in Illinois. We are meant to try to transform that object. It is up to us to do what we can to change the laws concerning abortion. The WCC has done an amazing job so far with what they have, yet with our support, they will be able to do even more. We must want the change. We know it is necessary – that is why we are here today. But do we actually want it? Do we truly believe in it and desire it? Do we really want the change? That is a question only we can answer.

“Right to Life: Be Bold for Change”. This must be our battle cry as we gather together as one unified body to fight for the lives of our young, born or unborn. Let us be bold! Let us desire change! Let us truly be the freedom fighters for the rights of the unborn! Let us band together and put a stop, as much as we can, to the merciless laws that are allowing humans to be murdered! Let us again fight for freedom!

Joshua McQuillin, Junior - Third Place

According to the Webster Dictionary, life is defined as “of or relating to animate being or existence.” People get confused about when this animate existence truly begins. Life of a human, for example, does not begin when it is born, nor when it is a fully grown fetus. Life of human begins at the moment of conception. As soon as the mother discovers that she is with child there is being, existence, life. Early term abortion is murder because of the taking of the life of that developing fetus.

In order to desire the preservation of life, we must firstly understand the reason for life. What is the reason for producing life? Well, the answer is very simple: to produce life. We are made, on the social level, to produce more beings, through the bonds of marriage, in order that we might continue the existence human race. We are not meant to have a sexual relationship for a pleasurable reason only. If our vocation is marriage, than it is crucial that we firstly prepare ourselves to do the thing which is intended for marriage and marriage only: Life.

If a baby is aborted, it obviously loses life entirely and is void of existence, but that baby had the right to live; in fact, that was the reason it came into this world. It came into being in order that it might live to experience and live life. When a baby is born the first thing or person it sees is going to be the thing or person they hold dearest to them in their life. Most often this person or thing is going to be their mother. If a baby is aborted it will be killed by the person it was supposed to be most attached to in its life. This is devastating in every sense of the word due to the fact that it is the mother’s instinctive duty to love and protect her baby even in the earliest stages of development.

On June 12, 2019 Senate Bill 25 was signed by Governor JB Pritzker, concerning the abortion laws in the state of Illinois, maintaining the vital elements of the “Reproductive Health Act.” This law establishes a fundamental ground for “rights to abortion.” It gives the parent the opportunity to make independent decisions to have an abortion, as well as late term abortions and restricts the State from interfering in the decision of the individual having the abortion. This law is essentially giving the parent the right to kill her baby at any time during pregnancy. This is murder! Also, they try to justify this by re-defining fetal-viability; leaving the viability of the fetus to the judgment of the attending physician. But, if the physician’s job is to carry out an abortion than there might be some biased judgment in the direction of the fetal-viability being fatal.

It should anger you in the deepest and truest sense when you hear about the abominations which occur every day regarding the unborn. It is of utmost importance that we be passionately against the atrocities committed against the babies who have every right to life. We have to do all we can to stop abortion not only in this state but in the whole country; whether that be publicly protesting or writing an essay, it is our moral duty to stop it. We have to stand up for what is moral and good which is why we do things like the Walk for Life in order that we might overcome and defeat the tyrants restricting our rights to life.


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