• La Salette Academy

James McMahon Memorial Brick Laid to Rest

On February 25th, the Academy honored the birthday of James R. McMahon, father of founder Fr. Michael McMahon by laying to rest his memorial brick in the Sacred Heart Cemetery on campus.

The ceremony began with Fr. Sick giving a small speech about Mr. McMahon and his profound influence and generosity with regards to the Academy. He was a founding father of the school and his spirit lives and breathes in the spirit of

La Salette that is passed down to each new generation of students.

After Fr. Sick’s talk, the student body prayed the holy rosary after which the memorial brick was blessed and then placed next to the memorial brick of wife, Alice McMahon. The two bricks lie directly at the feet of the statue of the Sacred Heart. It is a fitting place for their forever rest considering such hearts that overflowed with zeal and generosity for the faith, the school and the students.

The ceremony concluded with the singing of the Alma Mater and then three cheers for Mr. McMahon. It was a ceremony that not only memorialized a man that had given everything for the Academy and his faith, but put the students once again in contact with the tradition of

La Salette.

One of the great means of success at the Academy is that students are so often in contact with the past. It is a grounding presence that surrounds them and teaches them the ways of old and of the men that came before them. It gives to the student an identity and a confidence that they belong to something much bigger than themselves. It is an identity and a confidence that has the ability to give them strength in darker times by reminding them that they stand upon the shoulders of those who came before them and those who were successful through the same trials they now face. It is men like Mr. McMahon that help them see what it is to be a man and what it looks like to encounter obstacles and come out victorious.


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