• La Salette Academy

2020 Begins.

The new academic year began as always with a long procession of faces both new and old into the brick campus chapel for the traditional Solemn High Mass. The ceremony was celebrated by headmaster Father Timothy Sick, and assisted by Deacon Nicholas Kracht, alumnus of the Class of 2013, and Subdeacon Father Daniel Chavarria.

The traditional patch bearing the coat of arms, a symbol of leadership, was given to each of the seniors as a ceremonial way for them to take ownership of the Academy as the student leaders on campus and each incoming freshmen was given the blue school blazer to officially welcome them into the brotherhood of La Salette. It will be their blazer for all four years which they will hand in on the last Sunday of their senior year.

After Mass, there was a brunch as well as a conference for all new parents to give some spiritual advice for the coming years as well as practical aspects of the new chapter in both the lives of the parents and the boys.

This year, the Academy has a total of 89 students: 11 seniors, 19 juniors, 21 sophomores, 23 freshmen and 15 eighth graders.


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