Welcome Home!

Two familiar faces are back on campus this year, as alumni Father Jamey Rigi ’07 and Brother Dominic Savio (Christopher Tomaszycki) ’08 have been assigned to the Academy. Ordained in 2014, Father Rigi spent his first priestly years at Saint Thomas Becket Academy in Veneta, Oregon before coming home to the Alma Mater this fall. Currently, Father teaches both eighth and ninth grade religion classes, as well as Latin. He will also supervise the sacristy and yearbook staff. Brother Dominic is on his first assignment after finishing his novitiate and having worked in the office, in the kitchen and on the grounds at Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary. Brother will bring his culinary skills to the Academy kitchen where he has already begun to delight the palates of students and staff. In addition, Brother will aid in the supervision of the eighth grade. We are quite excited to welcome back our own graduates to now fill such important roles in the formation of our students.


Graduation Ceremonies of 2016

The 2015-2016 school year has come to a close. The June 11th graduation ceremonies began with the first Solemn High Mass of the newly ordained alumnus Father Patrick Kimball (class of ’08). He was assisted by deacons John Carlisle (class of ’10) and Peter Kallal (class of ’08). It was a tremendous occasion for the Academy to have a High Solemn Mass celebrated by alumni, and thanksgiving to God is offered! A long time friend of the Academy, Father Novak, gave the commencement address. The lunch that followed was in turn followed by the annual alumni rugby game. Pictures below capture some moments of this eventful day! The Academy wishes its friends and benefactors a safe and blessed summer.


La Salette Alumni Receive the Subdiaconate


On Saturday, March 12th at Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary three graduates took their definitive step towards priestly ordination by receiving the first major order of the subdiaconate. Pictured above from left to right with a quite proud Father McMahon are Peter Kallal class of 2008, Jonathan Kopec 2009, and John Carlisle 2010. Please pray for these young men and the others currently in seminary studies.


Homecoming 2016

Alumni from around the country, 39 in all, representing every one of the 10 graduating classes, as well as some from the years in Michigan, converged upon the Alma Mater this weekend.  The big event kicked off with Compline and a social hour on Friday night where the alums introduced themselves to the current Lions.  After a Solemn High Mass of Our Lady of La Salette on Saturday morning and a big and boisterous brunch, Father McMahon gave a spiritual conference, exhorting the grads to resist temptations to settle for mediocrity and to resolve a greater generosity to live as Catholic men.  A beautifully catered meal was shared in the dinning room where each alumnus shared a special moment from his years of formation in the hallowed halls.  The day ended with a social at the Alumni House on campus with more shared laughter, stories and camaraderie.  A great time and great success!

La Salette Forever!



New Year’s Blessings

The members of the Academy gathered on January 5th to begin the 2016 year with a recollection. Alumnus Father Stephen Reid (class of ’07) returned to the Academy to preach the recollection and to offer his first Solemn Mass at his alma mater. La Salette concluded the recollection with the annual Christmas dinner, followed by the singing of Christmas carols. The Academy returns thanks to God for this joyous start to the new year and humbly asks for your prayers that the great work of forming Catholic men continue.


Father Reid offered his first Solemn High Mass at La Salette.


Father Reid offered his first blessing to all in attendance.


Three conferences were given, inspiring the Academy to strive for increased selflessness in our service of God.


The senior class sings at the annual Christmas dinner.